Sit-in Menu

Covid-19 Booking Terms

1, Advance bookings only.

2, Please arrive only at your booking time, and if your table isn’t ready please wait outside.

3, Max table size of 6 people (from a max of 3 households).

4, Table time is Max 2 hours.

5, All diners must submit personal details for contact and tracing. These will be held securely and compliantly with GDPR.

6, Your temperature will be taken on arrival.

7, You will be asked to hand sanitise on arrival, and each table will have hand sanitiser on it.

8, Menus are replaced by QR codes, (menu also available via link on menu).

9, Please pay ideally with card.

10, Our staff are temperature checked daily and all surfaces sanitised regularly.

please see items marks Ⓥ for vegan, or (v) for vegetarian, thank you

Hot Mezze (meat) 6.95

  • HUMMUS SHAWARMA – Chickpea and tahini dip topped with thin, marinated slices of lamb
  • KUBBA HALAB – Seasoned minced lamb pattier, encased in crushed rice and fried
  • BATATA HARRA GOSHT – Cubed potato fries with minced lamb, with fresh coriander, chilli & garlic
  • ALINAZIK – Baba ghanoush mixed with yoghurt and topped with lamb shawarma strips
  • SOUJUK – Spicy Lebanese sausages sautéed in tomato and green pepper sauce
  • BALY MERISHKE – Lemon marinated chicken wings
  • CHICKEN SAMBOUSSEK – Lebanese pastry triangles filled with spicy minced chicken and onions
    LAMB SAMBOUSSEK – Lebanese pastry triangles filled with spiced minced lamb
  • MOROCCAN MEATBALLS – Spicy lamb meatballs cooked in tomato sauce

Hot Mezze (veg) 5.95

  • (v)  CHEESE BOREK – Cigar shaped pastries, filled with feta and mozzarella cheeses and parsley
  • (v)  VEGETABLE SAMBOUSSEK – Lebanese pastry triangles filled with lightly spiced vegetables
  • (v)  BAYENGAAN – Slow roasted baby aubergines, stuffed with rice, yoghurt and traditional spices
  • (v)  HALLOUMI – Deep fried halloumi cheese sticksHot Mezze (vegan) 5.95

Hot Mezze (vegan) 5.95

  • Ⓥ BATATA HARRA – Cubed potato fried with fresh coriander, chilli and garlic
  • Ⓥ  DOLMA – Marinated vine leaves stuffed with aromatic rice
  • Ⓥ  KUBBA – Deep fried patties of mixed vegetables, rolled in crushed rice
  • Ⓥ  FALAFEL – Chickpea and tahini balls, lightly fried
  • Ⓥ  FUL MEDAMES – Slow cooked fava beans, cooked with chickpeas in tomato, olive oil and lemon juice

Mezze Dips 4.95

  • HUMMUS – Traditional chickpea, garlic and tahini dip drizzled with olive oil
  • BEETROOT HUMMUS – Pretty in pink, vibrant and earthy hummus
  • MUHAMMARA – A blend of red pepper, onion, chilli, pomegranate sauce, ealniust and breadcrumbs
  • BABA GHANOUSH – Pureed smoky aubergine combined with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic
  • OLIVE TAPENADE – A wonderfully rich, black olive pâté
  • (v) JAJIC – A garlic flavoured dip oil thick yoghurt and diced cucumber

Salad Mezze (4.95)

  • TABBOULEH – Levantine salad of bulgar wheat, tomato, spring onion with lemon juice and parsley
  • FATOUSH – Lebanese style salad with shredded lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and radish

Side Dishes

  • NAAN BREAD 2.10 – Light, bubbly and fresh from the clay oven
  • POMEGRANATE RICE 3.70 – Persian basmati rice cooked in pomegranate puree

Arabic Fries

  • (v) FALAFEL LOADED FRIES 8.00 – Crispy loaded fries topped with fresh falafel, cheese, red onion, olives and drizzled with garlic and chilli sauce
  • CHICKEN SHAWARMA LOADED FRIES 9.00 – Delicious chicken shawarma stripes perched on top of a fries with melting cheese, red onion, olives and chilli and garlic sauces
  • LAMB SHAWARMA LOADED FRIES 9.95 – Crispy fries topped two the max with melting cheese, red onion, olives, and lamb shawarma strips.

Main Dishes – served with naan bread & rice

  • BAMYA 10.10 – Tender okra cooked slowly in a rich tomato sauce with garlic
  • TAPSI 11.50 – Aubergines, peppers and potato cooked in spicy tomato sauce.
  • QOZY LAMB 14.65 – Tender braised lamb on the bone served with side portion of bamya or tapsi
  • QOZY CHICKEN 13.65 – Slow cooked chicken thighs seasoned with traditional seven spice and served with a side portion of bamya or tapsi
  • MOROCCAN MEATBALLS 13.95 – Subtly spiced minced lamb meatballs cooked in tomato sauce
  • SOUJUK 13.95 – Spicy Lebanese sausages sautéed in a tomato and green pepper sauceShawarma


  • (v) FALAFEL SHAWARMA WRAP 9.95 – Falafel rolled in fresh naan bread and served with chilli and garlic dips and a side salad
  • CHICKEN SHAWARMA WRAP 11.95 – Thin slices of marinated chicken shawarma, served inside grilled naan bread with dips and a side salad
  • LAMB SHAWARMA WRAP 12.95 – Marinated lamb slices inside fresh naan with garlic and chilli spices and a side salad
  • CHICKEN SHAWARMA PLATTER 15.50 – Tender slices of house marinated chicken served with rice and okra casserole
  • LAMB SHAWARMA PLATTER 15.95 – Marinated lamb shawarma served with rice and okra casserole
  • MIXED SHAWARMA PLATTER 16.00 – For those who can’t decide, a mixture of marinated lamb and chicken shawarma strips served with rice and okra casserole

Set Meals

  • PRE-THEATRE 14.95 – (Sun-Thurs 5pm-7.30pm on Playhouse show dates only. Tables back and bills paid by 7.30pm) featuring your choice of 3 mezze (one of which meat) with naan bread
  • TASTER MENU FOR TWO 35.00 – Your choice of 6 mezze dishes (2 of which can be meat), served with naan bread, to share between two people.
  • PARTY MENU (10 PLUS DINERS) – £21 pp (lunch Mon-Thurs) £23 pp (dinner Mon-Thurs) £25 pp Fri-Sun Chef’s selection of mezze dishes : A delicious mix of hot & cold, vegetable & meat mezze dishes served to your tables to swap and share in the traditional manner served with: rice, casserole & naan bread followed by Lokum, Turkish delight style rose and pistachio flavoured cubes & baklawa Irresistible sweet filo pastries, stuffed with pistachio nuts and syrup


  • MANGO SORBET 4.40 – A refreshing way to round off your meal
  • ROSEWATER SORBET 4.40 – Delicate, naturally flavoured sorbet
  • (v) ROSE ICE CREAM 4.60 – Luxurious ice cream made with natural rose flavours
  • (v) POMEGRANATE ICE CREAM 4.60 – Our bespoke ice cream bathed in Pomegranate syrup
  • (v) SAFFRON & CARDAMOM ICE CREAM 4.60 – Using Persian Saffron filaments and heady cardamom
  • (v) LOKUM 4.90 – Turkish delight flavoured cubes served with rose ice cream
  • (v) BAKLAWA 5.25 – Irresistible sweet filo pastries stuffed with nuts and syrup
  • (v) MAMOUL 5.25 – Sweet dates enclosed in short crust pastry
  • (v) ARABIC AFFOGATO 5.50 – Saffron & Cardamom ice cream doused in smoky Arabic coffee
  • (v) BACLAWA CHEESCAKE 6.55 – Vanilla cheesecake topped with crushed baklawa drizzled with honey

Soft Drinks



  • ENGLISH TEA 2.20
  • LATTE 2.75

White Wine

  • HOUSE WHITE – PINOT GRIGIO – Bottle – 18.50, 125ml – 4.50, 175ml – 5.50
  • CHARDONAY – Bottle – 20.00, 125ml – 5.00, 175ml – 6.00
  • SAUVIGNON BLANC – Bottle – 25.00, 125ml – 6.00, 175ml – 7.00

Red Wine

  • HOUSE RED – MERLOT – Bottle – 18.50, 125ml – 4.50, 175ml – 5.50
  • SHIRAZ – Bottle – 25.00, 125ml – 6.00, 175ml – 7.00

Rose Wine

  • HOUSE ROSE – Bottle – 18.50, 125ml – 4.50, 175ml – 5.50

Sparkling Wine

  • PROSECCO – Bottle – 28.00, glass – 8.00
  • PROSECCO ROSATO – Bottle – 28.00, glass – 8.00

Lebanese Fine Wines

  • WARDY LES TERROIRS RED – Bottle – 29.00, 125ml – 7.50, 175ml – 8.50
  • CLOS ST THOMAS LE GOURMETS ROUGE – Bottle – 27.50, 125ml – 6.50, 175ml – 7.50
  • CLOS ST THOMAS LE GOURMETS BLANC – Bottle – 25.50, 125ml – 6.00, 175ml – 7.00
  • LES BRETECHES WHITE DU CHATEAU KEFRAYA – Bottle – 27.50, 125ml – 6.50, 175ml – 7.50

Beers & Ciders

  • STELLA 330ML 4.75
  • BECKS 330ML / BECKS ALCOHOL FREE 300ML 3.95 / 3.05
  • HEINEKEN 330ML 3.95
  • BUDWEISER 330ML 3.95
  • PERONI 330ML 4.75
  • GUINESS 520ML 5.50


FRESHLY PREPARED TOBACCO OR NON-TOBACCO FLAVOURED SHISHAS FROM 13 – Shisha can only be smoked in the designated outdoor area. The shisha area is strictly an over 18s area. You must have a valid form of photographic ID with proof of age, to enter the shisha area. One item of food or drink per person is required to be purchased with the shisha. Please ask staff for current available flavours. Nothing must be added to our shishas, anyone found doing so will be asked to leave immediately. Please enjoy our shisha area, but be corteous to other users. We reserve the right to refuse to serve if we feel your presence will disturb other customers.

Private Dining – Arabic Room

MIN GUESTS 15, MAX GUESTS 35 – An atmospheric traditional Arabic dining area with Persian rugs, floor cushions and low tables.

Private Dining – Saffron Room

MIN GUESTS 15/MAX GUESTS 25 – A bright, semi-private alcove to the rear of the dining room. perfect for larger groups who wish to be seated together.

Private Dining – Nur Room

MIN GUESTS 15/MAX GUESTS 35 – Our spectacular room of lights with its own en trance, a belly dance stage*, cloakroom and private bathrooms, this room is perfect for that special occasion (*belly dance to be arranged separately)

Private Dining T&Cs

TERMS & CONDITIONS – A deposit of £5 per head is required at time of booking. The deposit is non refundable in the event that fewer than the number booked actually arrive. Cancellation must be made 14 days at least before the event in order for deposits to be refunded. Minimum charge applies (15 diners). The only menu available is the party menu. From 1st December until 2nd January only the festive menu is available. Food allergies must be provided in writing at least one week before the event.

Allergen advice

PLEASE NOTE – We do not operate a nut free kitchen or dining area. Please ask a staff member for more information and to consult the allergy matrix. Please also ask a staff member every time you visit as ingredients may have changed. As we use shared equipment in a busy environment, our venue may not be suitable for those with severe allergies. Please note it may not always be possible to provide food intolerance alternatives, particularly during busy periods, and without prior notice.